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What I Want You to Know:

My promise to you:


I truly care about helping you become YOUR BEST YOU! So much so, that your first class is FREE! - Read More

What to expect from my classes:

I will provide the following experience for you:

  • A warm and welcoming environment

  • The support and encouragement to work at your own pace and to do what feels good. - Read More

What equipment do you need? 


Equipment needs may vary by class and each offering details what is needed. In a general sense the following items are recommended.  
- Read More

"When I let go of what I am, 

I become
what I might be."

- Lao Tzu - 

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What's Happening

Classes, Descriptions, Registration
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My Journey to Creating Wellness with Whitney

When I teach, it never feels like work…THAT is the greatest gift to me. It’s fun. I get to share a room, a zoom space with others who are willing to “show up” and see what happens! I enjoy sharing what I have learned AND more importantly, I love learning from the students who are MY teachers in the room. It is thanks to several of my students, who encouraged me to start teaching online, that Wellness with Whitney came to fruition. To me, the classroom is a place where energy and movement are shared, where we are all students and teachers.


My goal is to create and share a safe place for us to meet, explore and be both challenged and supported together. If at the end of the practice you are able to walk away feeling better than when you arrived…think how magical is that!

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