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My Promise

My promise to you:

I truly care about helping you become YOUR BEST YOU! So much so, that your first class is FREE!


I promise to give you my best self - to share what I have learned over 20+ years of study and practice, across many disciplines to help maximize your experience, creating a deeper connection to ourselves and to the world around us.


I’m here to guide and support you, whether you are brand new to this practice or have been on the path for years. “Wellness” is different for each of us. . .and my desire is to provide you with as many tools as I can so that you can live your best life in a body that feels good and works well for YOU. Because ultimately, I want you to live your dreams!

What to expect

What to expect from my classes in practical terms?


I will provide the following experience for you:

  • A warm and welcoming environment

  • The support and encouragement to work at your own pace and to do what feels good to you.

  • Options and opportunities to work with injuries, conditions and limitations without feeling it is limiting your experience.

  • Variety – each class is a unique blend of techniques, postures and sequences all dependent upon the student’s needs that day.

  • The chance to build strength, flexibility, resilience and to calm the mind and center your being.

  • The opportunity to grow.

  • 100% money back guaranteed – no questions asked if you do not enjoy the experience.


What equipment do you need?

Equipment needs may vary by class and each offering details what is needed. In a general sense the following items are recommended: 

(See alternative suggestions in parenthesis. Don’t let lack of equipment prevent you from starting.)

  • A yoga mat (a non-slip towel can also work)

  • The ability to lie down (If the floor isn’t accessible to you, a bed or sofa can work.)

  • 2 yoga blocks (preferably 4” thick for stability but any size will work or 2 thick books of equal thickness)

  • A yoga strap (I prefer 8’ or 10’ lengths, especially if you are tall. A stretch band, tie, belt, bathrobe tie, rope can also work.)

  • A pillow

  • A blanket or towel

  • A sturdy chair without wheels


Equipment comes in a wide variety of price points and more expensive isn’t always better. Please reach out to me if you need advice on where and what to purchase. 

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